Carbon Model: Error, GLOBIO


While running the carbon model, we got this error. Please suggest us how to proceed further as we are unable to understand it?

Hi @rbisht -

There are several forum posts with similar questions, like this one and this one. Please check them out and see if they solve your problem. If they don’t, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

~ Stacie

hi @swolny
Can you plz help me in solving this. I got this new error in running globio model.How can i resolve this issue.?

Hi @rbisht,

Given what I can see in the screenshot you included, is it possible that you have a vector that has a feature (or multiple features) that does not have a geometry?

If that doesn’t help, would you please attach the logfile from your model run?


Whoops, belay that. I see @dcdenu4 has already asked the same thing over in ! I’m just late to the party. I’ll close this thread as well.