Fisheries model not reaching equlibrium

Hello, NatCaps,
could you help me please with some guidance?
I have tried to run Fisheries model with parameters based in fish collections of a single species (and extrapolated sample information for representing the population of the AOI), but even with the model running successfully, the model does not reach equilibrium state.
Could you get a look at the log file and see if something is weird, please? Here goes it, with the results table.

Many thanks,

.results_table_t5.csv (16.7 KB)

InVEST-Fisheries-log-2019-06-10–16_46_02.txt (4.5 KB)

Hello, thanks for posting.

I’m not a fisheries scientist, but looking at your results makes me think the model did equilibrate at 0 harvest and 0 spawners, but the convenience formula that yields the “Y” or “N” in the “Equilibrated?” column does not work properly when all values are 0 (note the divide by zero warning in the logfile).

Hope that’s helpful to you.

Many thanks, Dave! At least you are a Fisher, hehehe

Yes, your note makes sense, but anyway this routing of the model to 0 harvest and spawners is that intrigues me the most.
I’m wondering if my initial recruits parameter can be underestimated, as most of the recruits are not catched by the fishnets at the samples. Thinking about to make some sensibility tests increasing this value.

Thanks again

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By the way, dear NatCap Fisheries expert,
I can share my inputs, for you to have a whole picture about my issue. Just give me an email adress and I will do it.

thanks, all the best,

I don’t know anything about the Fisheries model, but just wanted to say hi, João! Nice to see you pop up here.

~ Stacie

Hi, Stacie! Nice to hear from you! Still with InVESTalways learning something new! Cheers, J