The program does not work or open

Hi @dave I have tried both now; if I put the command prompt in I receive this back “‘invest.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”. When I download with the link @jdouglass provided the invest.exe file still comes up as a blank cmd screen.

Do you have any other tactics?

Hi @timber , thanks for trying. To get that command to work, you’ll need to direct the command prompt to the location of the invest.exe file.

For me, after installing invest, the file is at C:\InVEST_3.9.0_x64\invest-3-x64\invest.exe. It might be slightly different for you. So you could replace invest.exe with this entire path when you run the command. Or you could first change directories to the directory containing invest.exe using the cd command. If you continue seeing the same “not recognized…” message, it means you haven’t quite gotten the correct path to the file.

Hey @dave thanks again, I appreciate your patience! I have tried re-installing and copying pathway address but still no luck. Could the issue be that I am running Windows 10 so the software is incompatible with this version? I have just run a troubleshoot and it seemed to indicate that the InVEST program wasn’t compatible with the computer? :cowboy_hat_face

Hi @timber , invest is compatible with Windows 10 - I’m running it now - but there must be something unique about your system. We would like to figure that out and fix the problem for you and others, but we need more information.

Well what actually happened? Did you run a command like C:\InVEST_3.9.0_x64\invest-3-x64\invest.exe --debug run sdr? If you did this and got the same “not recognized…” message then it means there is still a mistake in the filepath of invest.exe. Can you tell us the filepath of your invest.exe file?

What exactly did you do when you say “run a troubleshoot”? And what exactly was the result?

Thank you,

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Hi @dave and @jdouglass. I am having the same problem for a new installation on Windows 10. Black screen that briefly opens and then nothing. Image below is what I’m getting running the suggested command in command prompt. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Hi @rtga , thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve had a few of these reports recently. I might have a development version of invest that fixes this. Do you mind trying this installation:

Please let us know if it solves the problem.

Alternatively, it might be possible to edit your PATH environment variable to get things working, as described in this thread:

But I don’t necessarily recommend that approach.

Thanks @dave for the quick reply. I tried the installation you shared and still have the same problem. Also tried using the command prompt (screenshot). Thank you for linking to an alternative solution, though I’m a bit hesitant since you recommend against it. Thanks again! – Ryan.


Well that’s too bad. Thanks for the feedback. That alternative solution could be worth a try until we figure out why this is such a problem. Just be aware that other software you have is probably also using those PATH entries, so it’s important to be careful when changing them, and maybe be prepared to change them back if something else breaks.

In the cmd prompt, if you enter echo %SystemRoot% you will see what that variable is supposed to expand into (for me it’s C:\Windows). And then you could edit the PATH entry %SystemRoot%\system32 changing it to C:\Windows\system32.

Hello, I encountered the same problem when running the software after I installed InVEST3.9.1. I still can’t open it by using CMD command. Can you help me?

Hi @wangyi , It’s a bit difficult to describe the solution. Could you show screenshots of your PATH environment variable, as was done on this thread:

There is probably one or more entry in the PATH that might need to be modified. Thank you,

Hello, teacher. This is my environment variable, and for viewing convenience, I have copied it into TXT. Thank you very much for your kind help.

Dear teacher, I have replaced “%Path%” with “C:\Users\ Lenovo” in the setting of environment variables according to the content of the linked post in your reply. Now the software can be opened normally. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic answer, which will be of great help to my graduation thesis! :wink:Thanks again!

Great to hear! Please remember that other software on your system also uses that Path variable, so if you notice that something else does not work as expected, be prepared to reverse your changes.


@wangyi @rtga would one of you be willing to try the development build I have linked below? I’m fairly certain it will fix the issue of InVEST not opening, but I’d really appreciate your help in confirming that it does work. Please let us know if it doesn’t work!

Thanks in advance,

Hi @jdouglass. I am able to get InVEST to open with this new build.

I get the following warning in the command prompt window that opens at the same time as InVEST.



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Thanks for trying this build out @rtga ! I’m glad it’s running.

That warning isn’t anything to worry about, but we’ll take care of it in a future release.


Hello teacher, I tried the new version of Invest software you released, you can directly open it through the shortcut! Thank you very much!

Hi James, I’ve tried downloading all of the versions in this thread and can’t seem to make it work.
I’m running windows 10.

I could make the Carbon model run saving the invest folder in c:/ instead of in c:/programs
Then running it as in \invest.exe run carbon, but when I want to run the Coastal Blue Carbon I get:

C:\Users\ines_>C:\Users\ines_>C:\Program Files\InVEST_3.9.0.post579+g89107e76_x64\invest-3-x64\invest.exe run Coastal Blue Carbon
Access is denied.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks

Welcome to the forums @inespereda !

From a terminal, could you try running the following command?

"C:\Program Files\InVEST_3.9.0.post579+g89107e76_x64\invest-3-x64\invest.exe" run "Coastal Blue Carbon"

From what you’re describing, the error message could very well be because of the missing quotation marks. Without them, Windows is looking for a program called C:\Program instead of looking within the Program Files folder, and the quotation marks clarify exactly which program Windows should be looking for.

Let us know how this goes!

Hi James, thanks for the quick reply, I’ve never worked directly from the cmd so that made sense.

I’ve tried from invest in the program files folder and:
C:\Users\ines_>“C:\Program Files\InVEST_3.9.0.post579+g89107e76_x64\invest-3-x64\invest.exe” run “Coastal Blue Carbon”
Error: ‘Coastal Blue Carbon’ not a known model

Then I’ve tried that placing invest directly from the c drive and:
C:\Users\ines_>“C:\InVEST_3.9.0.post579+g89107e76_x64\invest-3-x64\invest.exe” run “Coastal Blue Carbon”

Access is denied.