Water yield output

Hi, I am running the water yield successfully, but it doesn’t give me any map. I uploaded the output log document. please check it and tell me whats its problem.InVEST-Hydropower-Water-Yield-log-2020-04-17–11_53_55.txt (56.6 KB)

Hi @jahanbal -

Thanks for posting the log file, it does appear to have run successfully.

Please provide more information about the model not giving any maps. Aren’t there any output layers in the Workspace, other than the log file? If there are layers, what is in there? There should be a shapefile with results given for each watershed, and a folder “per_pixel” with rasters of water yield, AET and others.

~ Stacie

I really appreciate your response. I didn’t pay attention to the folders. Now I fond them.
thank you @swolny