Annual water yield module

I’d like to ask one question. Is the water yield calculated by the annual water yield module equivalent to the sum of soil water, groundwater and surface water?
I would be very grateful if you could help me with my doubts. Thank you very much!

Hi @sunsiqi! You can get more information about your question in the InVEST user’s guide (this link) InVEST | Natural Capital Project



Hi @sunsiqi -

The Annual Water Yield model does a very simple estimate of the amount of water that reaches a stream within a year. That water could come from surface runoff or sub-surface baseflow, but these are not differentiated. Groundwater recharge is also not included in the model.

The Seasonal Water Yield model provides an index of baseflow, along with a quantification of surface flow, on a monthly basis. Like @JuanAlejandro said, you can find more information about both of these models in the User Guide.

~ Stacie


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