Annual water yield results clarification

Still new to using InVEST models. I am using WorldClim (1970-2000) for my precipitation input, however I am doing the analysis for multiple years using different landcover maps. When i run the model using the same precipitation data for all the landcover maps for the various years I get same results. My questions are: 1) it is okay to get such results because of single precipitation data being used?
2) Can i used a single precipitation data for landcover maps of different years (1985, 1990,1995,2000,2005,2010,2015 and 2020).
Thank for you

Hi @Mawuko -

Yes, you can use the same precipitation data for different landcover maps. Optimally, the precipitation data would be an annual average over a span of years that includes/is close to the year of the landcover map. It’s unfortunate that WorldClim is not updated past 2000, as it’s very commonly used (including by me).

Even if the precipitation data doesn’t change, if the landcover changes then you should see differences in the model outputs. So when you say that you get the same results, which result(s) exactly are you referring to? Are the watershed totals the same? The per-pixel values? Something else?

~ Stacie

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