Calibration SWY (Qf+B)

Good night guys.

I have a question about SWY calibration with the sum of QF and B. I know you don’t recommend calibrating the model with the sum, but I’m trying to do that.

Well, I would like to know if the steps are correct:

1- I take the average of Qf and B. I did this by looking at the raster in arcgis, I clicked on properties, then on source and I saw the average. Is this correct?

2- After that, I converted the average from "mm’ into “m” by multiplying per *0.001 and then I converted it into m3 by multiplying per the basin area (5507608768.42 m2). The result was m3/year. Then I converted it into m3/ second by dividing per 31557600 seconds (number of seconds in a year).

My question is: should I compare the simulated data with the total observed data or with the average of the observed data?

I calculated the average of the observed daily data to obtain the average value for each month of a year, then I added the 12 averages and obtained the annual values. Is this correct?
Instead of adding the 12 averages, should I take the average between them to obtain the average value for a year and then compare it with the simulated data?