Can individual layers of pollinators supply be summed?

Hi everyone!

A question: Is it correct to sum the maps of pollinators supply for each species?

I see that the abundance can be summed (as one of the model inputs is “total abundance”), but I wonder if the layers of supply of each of individual species can be summed to obtain a total (relative) supply per pixel.

Thank you very much

Hi @GabrielaT -

I’m not the model author, but feel like it’s fine to sum the per-species maps of pollinator supply. As you note, the supply values are all relative, so I would view the result of summing them as more of a “hotspot” map of where more or less pollinators may be found, rather than an an actual “sum” of pollinator supply.

@lons0011, what do you think?

~ Stacie

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