Coastal Vulnerability Model - Wind and Wave data

Hello everyone, I’m currently working on coastal vulnerability model for the AOI situated in Portugal.
I have some difficulties to understand the input data on wind and wave.

I looked into WW3 data and the user’s guide of InVEST on the Appendix B section to help for costructing own data. However, I think that there is discordance. I mean that, the user’s guide ask to create a point shapefile with 80 columns with corresponding wind and wave data. The WW3 data included with the InVEST installation contains more columns compared to those requested. At that point, I would like to know what are the other values (such as V25PCT, V_MAX, H_10PCT, Tmod, etc.). Moreover, which are the unit of measurement used?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Charlotte,

Welcome to the forums! The Coastal Vulnerability model only uses the 80 columns listed in the user’s guide. The other columns in the WW3 data are just other outputs that the WaveWatchIII software happened to produce. If you are going to create your own shapefile, you don’t need to worry about them. I’m not sure what the other columns represent, but I will try to find out and post an update!


There’s a related conversation over here as well, discussing just some of those columns

Thank you Emily!
I think that your answer is enough.

I have another question: if I decide to use the WW3 data since the AOI is included, which are the years of data considered? Are 5 years of data starting from 2020?
And if I want to use a longer time series (10 or 20 years), how can I have this data?
Moreover, which is the resolution of the WW3 grid?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,