How to create Wind and Wave data for Coastal Vulnerability

Hello everybody, I would like to run a Coastal Vulnerability model locally. Still, I am unaware of what kind of data is necessary for Wind and Wave data input and how to calculate REI_VS, REI_PCTX, WavP_X, WavPPCTX, and V10PCT_X.
Is a script available?
Thank you in advance

Hi @mvitelletti,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting! This is a question that has come up a few times here and the below post hopefully answers your question. Let us know if it doesn’t!


@mvitelletti , just in case it is useful, I’ll mention that we provide global wind & wave data with the sample data for this model. If that meets your needs, you don’t need to do any other data processing to use it.


Hi dcdenu4 and dave! Thank you very much for your replies.
Actually, I’ve already read the guide you provide and used the sample data, but the last does not cover the Mediterranean area which is my area of interest.
So I am trying to build my own global wind & wave data by calculating fetch and wind frequency and direction. However, I don’t understand which component of REI is requested by InVEST.
Indeed, in Appendix B are requested columns for REI_VX (I do not know what V stands for), REI_PCTX (what PCT stands for), and so on for WavP, WavPPCTX, and V10PCT.
If you can help me in understanding what index may I calculate it would be very useful!

Hi @mvitelletti , some of these details were discussed in this thread, in particular the difference between REI_VX and V10PCT_X: InVEST Coastal Vulnerability toolbox - How to use personalized wave and wind data? - #8 by Thodoris

“V” is for “velocity”. “PCT” is for “percentage”, also referred to as “proportion” in the User Guide Appendix B.

All of the columns listed in that Appendix B are required by the InVEST model. Please let us know if you have further questions. Or maybe @Thodoris even has some methods to share, since they were also building this dataset for the Mediterranean?

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