Crop production principle description

Hello, I used the crop production model in my academic paper, but I don 't know how to describe it. Can you provide a running formula or do you have any good suggestions on how to describe it

Hello @summon ,

The user’s guide chapter for the Pollination model will be your best reference for how to describe the model’s math, and the summary and introduction sections of the chapter also have higher-level descriptions of what the model is doing and why it matters. Perhaps something in there might be useful for your paper?

We also have a suggested citation for InVEST on the title page of the InVEST user’s guide. For InVEST 3.13.0 that would be:

Natural Capital Project, 2022. InVEST 3.13.0 User’s Guide. Stanford University, University of Minnesota, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Does that help answer your question?

Hi @summon ,

Just to clarify, it actually sounds like you want the Crop Production User Guide model chapter.

I second James’ suggested citation.


Oh! I misread the model name. Sorry about that! Yes, you’ll want the user’s guide chapter that Jesse linked.

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