Error message on the InVEST Nutrient Delivery Ratio Model

Hello! I am getting an error message on the InVEST Nutrient Delivery Ratio Model, but I checked each input and I was unable to find the wrong place. I need to ask for help!

Attach the result text message for your reference, thank you for your help!
InVEST-Nutrient-Delivery-Ratio-Model-(NDR)-log-2019-10-15–16_47_12.txt (3.4 KB)

Thanks for posting. It’s hard to say what the problem is exactly. If you would like to send a link to your input data I will try to reproduce the problem.

Another option is to go to File > Settings and change the Logfile logging threshold and Taskgraph logging threshold to DEBUG. And then share your logfile again. I can’t promise that will reveal the problem though.

Okay thanks for sending your data. It seems there are a couple of issues related to your watersheds layer.

First, there was one feature in there (Morocco) that does not represent a watershed, and overlaps all of the others. That was not directly causing this error, but I don’t think you will get valid results with that polygon.

Second, there were some invalid geometries in the other watershed polygons. A future version of InVEST handle’s that problem more elegantly, without crashing, but for now I removed those invalid vertices and successfully got past that step of the model. I also noticed that some of the watersheds slightly overlap each other, or have small gaps between them. That might not be a problem, but you might also consider a better datasource for the waterhsed polygons.

Attached is the layer with fixed geometry. (40.9 KB)