Hello, I am using the water yield model, the necessary data is the reference evapotranspiration, the question is to know if an annual evapotranspiration layer is necessary, or can the data of the modis06 be used?, The data appears for 8 days.

Hi @felipeskull -

I’m not sure which water yield model you’re using, but both the Annual Water Yield and Seasonal Water Yield models require reference evapotranspiration (potential ET is also often used, although it’s a little different than reference ET) because they calculate actual evapotranspiration using reference ET + the crop coefficients that we provide as input.

The models also are made to represent long-term averages, so the ET layer should not only represent 8 days, it should be based on long-term (preferably at least 10 years) annual (for Annual Water Yield) or monthly (for Seasonal Water Yield) ET values.

~ Stacie

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