Green area in urban cooling model

Dear all,
I have a doubt about assigning true/false to green areas in my biophysics table.
Does green area mean only urban parks or also agricultural areas/woodlands that mostly surround the city?

Thank you,

Hi @antobaro,
I think that agricultural areas and woodlands should count as green area. But unfortunately there is not a definitive answer, the decision about what counts as “green area” is up to you. Some other partly-developed areas might be considered green as well, depending on the context (for example, a rural residential area where just 10% of land is built on).

Therefore it probably makes most sense to apply the model in urban areas where the division between green/non-green area is very clear. But I do think you should include whatever cooling areas surround your urban heat “island” - whether that’s agricultural, forest, residential with large back yards, etc. That way, the model will reflect the benefits that people get from living on the outskirts of the city.@chris might have more to add.