Habitat Quality running longer than expected

I encountered some problems when running the HQ model. My research area is not very large, but the model runs for several days. Is this normal? If not, what is the problem?Thanks in Advance.

threat.csv (143 Bytes)

Hi @liufangtian,

Thanks for trying InVEST and for posting on the forums! A few things would be useful to be able to tell if the model is acting properly with your data:

  1. What version of InVEST are you running? [ We just launched InVEST 3.8 ! ]
  2. Upload the log file. It should be called something like: InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2020-02-18--10_08_04

Getting a look at the entire log file should help point us in the right direction.



Hi @Doug,

Thanks for your help!I think it should be that the file is too large, which caused the model to run slowly. My research area is too large and the data resolution is high. Then, I resampled the land use data to 1km, and the model has run successfully. I believe that by reading the user’s guide carefully, most problems can be solved. I’m sorry to trouble you for this matter.



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@liufangtian No problem! We’re here to help. Please don’t be afraid to post again in the future with any questions.