How to calculate PAWC using ISRIC, called SoilGrids250m 2017-03 - Derived available soil water capacity (volumetric fraction) until wilting point in ArcPro


I’m trying to calculate the weighted average from al depths within my study area, where the weighting is based on the depth of each layer, relative to the total depth of the ISRIC soilGrids250m but I’m not that savvy on GIS.

Is there a step by step process on how this can be achieved in AcrPro?


Hi @Ruby_P -

We do not currently have a step-by-step process written up to do this, but have you seen this forum post that talks about creating AWC from SoilGrids data? I’m not sure if they’re using the same layers you are, but perhaps it will help to see some of the math written out.

I suspect that most of the steps can be done with Spatial Analyst Math functions like Times, or Raster Calculator, which is a favorite tool of mine for doing more complex raster math.

~ Stacie


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