Plant available water content at different depth

I have a problem with PAWC from ISRIC, the PAWC dataset is available at different depths, how do you decide on which depth to use, or is there any other solution, you can even recommend other datasets that do not require any further computation. Thanks!

Hi @Popza -

Unfortunately, I do not know of a global-coverage dataset for PAWC that does not involve further computation. Also unfortunately, soil data is often a pain to work with.

If you have the ISRIC data for different depths, you can follow this advice from the InVEST User Guide: “Soil characteristic layers are estimated by performing a weighted average from all horizons within a soil component.” So you can take a weighted average of PAWC values, where the weighting is based on the depth of each layer, relative to the total depth. This does require some GIS computation, but I don’t think should be difficult.

If you do happen to find a PAWC layer that doesn’t need further processing, please let us know!

~ Stacie

Thank you @swolny

I think you explained it nicely, I will perform the computation on any GIS environment

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