How to calculate the sum of base flow and local recharge

I’m confused to interpret the volumes of the total recharge results. If I were to calculate using the sum of all the pixel values from the value L_[Suffix].tif or is it a L_sum_[Suffix].tif values ?
thank you

Hi @dhamma57 -

L.tif is the recharge value. L.tif takes into account actual evapotranspiration (AET), and the calculation of AET involves L_sum.tif. L_sum.tif is the amount of water that comes to a pixel from upslope. This (and many other things in the Seasonal Water Yield chapter) should be written more clearly in the User Guide, we’re working on it.

I will caution that these recharge values are not meant to be interpreted quantitatively, but you can use the relative values and patterns to see places where more or less recharge is likely to occur.

~ Stacie

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