HQ Model - Error - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'SetGeo transform'


I am receiving an error on my habitat quality model. It is giving me a error that is about ‘SetGeo transform’. I would like to know how I can solve this problem.

I have attached my log file and the screenshot of the error as well.

Thank you for your assistance!

InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2019-07-29–17_16_38.txt (10.4 KB)

Hi @qc11924w12 -

Thanks for posting the whole log file. If you look a little bit above the final Attribute Error you’ll see this:

ERROR [errno 3] Free disk space available is 44731768832 bytes, whereas 368640076800004 are at least necessary.

That looks like you might be out of disk space, which can lead to all sorts of other errors that don’t seem obviously related.

However, it’s also a concern that it thinks you need such a huge amount of disk space to run the model. Are your input layers really large, or very high-resolution? Are they in a geographic coordinate system? If so, they need to be projected/warped to a projected coordinate system. The model assumes that the linear units are meters, and if they’re in a geographic coordinate system you’ll have pixel sizes that are very small because they’re in degrees, not meters. But the model will interpret the as meters and think that you have a very high-resolution raster.

~ Stacie