InVEST Water yield result

When I run the annual water yield module, no matter how I modified the Z parameters and csv tables, the results did not change, what is going on? And I’ve changed many versions, but the problem still exists.

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Would you please explain more about the results not changing? Which results - Water yield? AET? The aggregated watershed results? And please show an example of these results. It would also be helpful if you upload the log file (.txt file in the model’s Workspace), which provides more information about which version you’re using, your inputs, and any errors.

The Z parameter should affect the results, but the equation that it is used in (equation 2 in the Annual Water Yield User Guide chapter) has a maximum value of 5, so it could be that all of your values of Z are contributing to a value that is greater than 5. The CSV table values should definitely change the results.

~ Stacie

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