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hello! I’m aware there is already a similar post on this but after reading my question is still not answered. I’m using the kc calculator provided in the user guide and reading the instruction it says to input Potential Evapotranspiration in the green shaded boxes, is that specifically average monthly values for the area of interest? And is it correct if I use the CGIAR PET Database (Global Aridity and PET Database – CGIAR-CSI) as the Evapotranspiration raster (as is recommended in the InVEST User Guide) and use the monthly averages for the kc calculator? Is that correct?

Thank you for the clarification!

Hi @carolincarella -

Correct, the Potential Evapotranspiration values in that spreadsheet are average monthly values in your area of interest. And yes, you can use the monthly CGIAR PET data to obtain those values.

~ Stacie

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