load_n.tif does not exactly coincide with the land cover data

Hello INVEST community!
I used 10m and 30m resolution raster data to run NDR respectively. After running successfully, I found that the two files load_n.tif & load_p.tif have an offset of about 3 meters compared with the input land cover data. Is this correct? Shouldn’t they coincide exactly with the land cover data? If there are offsets that are wrong, where is the problem? My research object is a 30-meter riparian zone, so this offset has a greater impact. How to solve it? Thanks!

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The raster layers for the NDR model (including land cover) are all resampled to match the DEM. Do the model outputs match the DEM? Do your land cover pixels match the DEM pixels exactly, or is there an offset? If there’s an offset between the land cover and DEM, you could try re-processing your DEM to match the land cover, and see if the offset still happens with the model results.

~ Stacie

I am sure that Land cover pixels match the DEM pixels exactly.I have corrected the offset data with the ‘snap raster’ tool in the raster calculator, and now the problem is solved, thank you!

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