P factor (support practices) SDR model

Hello team NatCap,

I’m working with the SDR model and I want your advice about the P factor value.

I understand P factor is used to value the support practices, so it should be associated with agricultural land use.

I then wonder if I should always use the value “1” (meaning no support practices) for all the other LULC (urban, shrubland, forest, grassland, wetland, etc)?

Thanks in advance and happy new year! :slight_smile:

Hi @Olivier -

Yes, if no erosion-control practices are being done in a land use type, we give it a value of 1. It is possible that non-agricultural areas could also include erosion-control practices (perhaps degraded land along streams being restored to a riparian buffer, for example), but most often we are focusing on agriculture.

~ Stacie

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Thanks for your quick answer Stacie! :slight_smile:

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