Pollination translation Klein et al 2007 to p_dep

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I am wondering about the function in the InVEST pollination model to translalte the 5 categories form Klein et al. 2007 (Importance of pollinators) to the ratio needed for the farm’s map input field p_dep. In the sample dataset almonds and blueberries have p_dep =0.65. In Klein et al. 2007 we have the 5 categories “incease”, “increase- seed production”, “increase-breeding”, “no increase” and “mixed response”.

I now, we already discussed Klein et al. in relation to half_sat, but we don’t discussed how to translate the 5 categories into p_dep ratio.

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Dear community

If somebody is wondering about my question. I forgot to mention the manual:

Hello @sibylles,

I think what you’re looking for is in Appendix 2 of Klein et al (2007), and it sounds like you’re looking at Appendix 1.

In Appendix 2, the authors define categories of pollinator dependence and provide ranges that you could use as starting points for the pollination model. For example, “essential” corresponds with \geq 90\% dependence, while “modest” corresponds with between 10 and 40% dependency. This will at least you you in the right numerical ranges for your study area’s crops.

As I’m understanding it, Appendix 1 is instead referring to the effects of animal pollinators, which, while useful, is not relevant to the InVEST Pollination model.