Pollinators abundance values interpretation (for comparison of scenarios)

Hi everyone!

I would like to have your comments on the interpretation of the total pollinator abundance output of the crop pollination model.

For the total abundance index (“total_pollinatord_abundance_[Season]”), the highest value I get is about 0.35. In my project, I am trying to compare how the supply-demand spatial mismatch changes in alternative management scenarios, and I find it difficult to assess if pollinatos abundance is high or not using this index. I understand that the model is doesn’t give absolute values for pollinatos abundance, and so assessing if it’s high or low it’s difficult, but I wonder how results can be interpreted in those terms. I’ve seen that done a lot in articles, but it’s never really clear to me how the relative total abundance index can be interpreted in terms of high or low pollinators.

How do we interpret and use the model outputs for scenario comparison?

I hope I am clear enough, happy to clarify if not.

@GabrielaT I don’t have a response to this, but wanted to see if @elonsdorf has any ideas.

~ Stacie