Questions about load_n

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There are two land use maps from different times (e.g. 2000 and 2010), do the values of load_n need to be changed when performing water purification assessment?
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Hi @littlepencil -

The values of load_n do not necessarily need to be changed. If the land use is different between those two years, the model will use the different load_n values you have already defined. For example, let’s say you have both forest and agriculture land use classes defined in your land use map for 2000, and defined in your NDR biophysical table. A pixel that is agriculture in 2000 will receive values of load_n that correspond to agriculture. Then if that pixel changes to forest in 2010 it will receive values of load_n that correspond to forest.

However, if there are land use classes in your 2010 map that do not appear in the 2000 map, you will need to add them to the biophysical table.

Also, if you expect that the nutrient loading will change over time (for example, if farming practices change between 2000 and 2010) then you’ll want to change load_n in the 2010 biophysical table.

~ Stacie