Reclassification MissingValueError on Coastal Blue Carbon

Hello, I’m using the Coastal Blue Carbon module, and it shows “ReclassificationMissingValueError” in the log file, I never meet this kind of problem, could anyone help me? many appreciate!
InVEST-Coastal-Blue-Carbon-log-2023-03-03–16_51_34.txt (5.3 KB)

Hi @suzhen -

Thanks for posting your log file. The actual error is this:

pygeoprocessing.geoprocessing.ReclassificationMissingValuesError: The following 3 raster values [2 4 6] from “D:/我的坚果云/博士毕业论文/result/生态系统服务/Coastal Blue carbon/情景1\intermediate\aligned-lulc-baseline-2020.tif” do not have corresponding entries in the value map: {1: ‘’, 7: ‘’, 8: ‘’, 9: ‘’, 11: ‘’, 12: ‘’, 13: ‘’, 14: ‘’, 17: ‘’, 19: ‘’}.

While the wording on this error could be more helpful, it has been discussed on this forum many times before, which you can find with the Search feature. Please also consult the User Guide Data Needs section, which specifies that every value in the snapshot LULC maps must have a corresponding entry in the “code” column of the LULC Lookup Table.

~ Stacie


Thanks Swolny, I made a reclassify of the LULC, and then it was successful~ :smile:

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