Running Habitat Quality Error

Hello! First of all I am impressed by this wonderful INVEST software! I have a problem that I have not been able to solve . One aligned tif has a row blocksize which can make this function run very slow, create a square blocksize using ”warp raster” or ‘align and resize raster stack’ which creates square blocksizes by default
What can I do? THANK YOU

Hi @jiouy, and welcome to the forum!

Habitat Quality can run very slow if you are using rasters with very small pixel sizes, and/or if your study area is very large. And yes, rasters usually do have square pixels - is there a reason that you would want your rasters to have non-square pixels?

The model also expects the spatial data to have the same projected coordinate system, with pixel size in meters. If it is running slowly, make sure that the rasters are in a projected, not geographic coordinate system.

~ Stacie


Hi @jiouy,
By “row blocksize” do you mean that each block is the entire width of the raster? Does your input raster also have that block size?

Would you mind sharing your data so I can look into this further? You can upload it here or email to me privately if you prefer:

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