SDR model error LZWDecode:Corrupted LZW table

Hi @swolny

Well noted!
Thank you for your answers, Stacie. It really helps me to process the data and interpret the result.

Once again, thank you for all your answer regarding my questions!
I’m sorry for the late response.


Hi @swolny and @dcdenu4

Hello again!
Thank you for all your response regards to my issues lately.
As I told you, I succeded to run the model using the data from Doug. It’s called the Alor district (the study area).

Currently, I try to run using a larger area called South Sumatera.
The total area of Alor district is 73000 ha meanwhile the South Sumatera is 8638590 ha. So it is totally different.

When I try to run use the latest version 3.8.4 it shows the same error which is “LZWDecode:Corrupted LZW table”.

Do you think it is because of the size of study area (in hectare) or the data size (megabyte)?
Because for the South Sumatera, the data size could be up to 2gb, meanwhile the Alor only around 50mb.

Thank you for your time in response to my question!


Hi Armyanda,

Sorry about the LZWDecode:Corrupted error you’re running into. We are still working on this error as mentioned above. I will see if I can get a development build to you soon that might help.