SDR Model - Parameters for calibrating the restoration buffer

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I’m modeling the scenarios for restoration based on the Native Vegetation Protection Law for Brazil. I created a land use raster where those areas were supposed to be. Is there another way or plus on calibration tools that I need to modify to run the SDR model between the scenario 1 and 2?
Just to mention, the restoration areas are located in regions surrounding rivers and mountain tops and has 30m wide.

Hello @luiconz, and welcome!

Here’s a paper that was done a couple of years ago, that modeled SDR and riparian buffer restoration in Costa Rica, and might be a good example. (I think it’s open access, but if you have trouble viewing it, let me know and I’ll send a copy).

If you already have the scenarios created, you’ll need to make sure that you have good information about the difference in USLE C between the current land cover types and the restoration classes. Also, make sure that your DEM has a resolution of 30m or smaller, since SDR resamples all raster inputs to the same size as the DEM, and if the DEM resolution is larger than 30m, your riparian buffers will either get resampled to 90m, or disappear altogether.

If you want to see other studies done in Brazil, you can look at the two publications databases linked to on our website. One links to studies that NatCap has done, the other links to studies that others have done.

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