SDR sediment export overestimation

Hello. Im working in InVEST 3.13 SDR module to estimate the sediment export of some watersheds in Peru (South America). The results are 1000 times over the observations in field. I reviewed the units of all my input data and I think they are good. Where should I be wrong?

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I moved your post over here to a new thread since the other one (link here) hadn’t had any activity in about 3 months, even though it was a similar subject.

Could you take a look at the LS factor? How does it compare to the LS factor calculated by another tool, such as the SAGA module in QGIS? We have noticed some discrepancies in the LS factor on some landscapes, so I’m wondering if that explains what is happening here.


Thank you @jdouglass for your answer. Ill work in the LS factor in SAGA and Ill compare it with the InVests results, and then Ill let you now.

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