Sources for Habitat Quality biophysical table parameters

How is the Habitat value and other sin sensitivity table is calculated? and also, how do we calculate the max_dist and weight using threat raster? can somebody explain, please?

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Hi @JackR -

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The values are assigned for sensitivity, max_dist, weight, etc come from experts who know about the species or ecosystems you’re modeling, a literature search, or something similar. I understand that this doesn’t seem like a very satisfying response, but that’s how most people find these values. Do remember that this model works with mostly relative values (except max_dist), so it is less important to get the exact value “correct”, and more important to get the relative ranking of threats/sensitivity/etc correct.

If anyone has used any computation methods, or found any other generalized way of assigning the biophysical table parameters for Habitat Quality, please let us know!

~ Stacie

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