The results for Quick flow in Seasonal water yield model are coming wrong!

I am running InVEST for SWY model but the quick flow results seem to be weird, I ran the model using same parameters in January 2024 and results were accurate but now they seem wrong, I updated my InVEST workbench to latest 3.14.1. I am sharing the screenshot for reference

, Any insights or guidance you could offer to help resolve this discrepancy would be greatly appreciated.

Figured out there is something wrong with latest version, 3.14.1 while old one 3.12.1 is giving correct results.

Hi @Fahad_94 ,

Thanks for pointing out this bug. We are aware of it and agree that it’s as you describe and show here. We apologize for this and have a fix ready to be pushed in the next release of InVEST. The good news is that we’re confident it only affects the annual QF output. Twelve correct monthly QF rasters are still produced and provided inside the “intermediate_outputs” folder. You can use raster calculator to add these together to create an annual QF map.

Or, as a work around, please continue to do as you have and revert back to using v3.12.1 for accurate annual QF results.

Thanks for your patience, sharing your helpful discovery, and troubleshooting.


Yeah, no worries, I am looking forward to the fixed version of 3.14.1.
Have a good day!


Hi @Fahad_94 ,

A new version of InVEST has been released which resolves this annual QF result bug, along with others. You can now update to version 3.14.2. It can be downloaded from our website.

Happy modeling,

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