Urban Cooling: Getting Building Intensity

Hello! I saw in the software documentation that you can get data from OSM to use for building intensity. I downloaded shapefiles for my location through OSM, but I’m a little confuse on how to use OSM for building intensity. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @mireille,

The user’s guide says that building intensity “is calculated by dividing the floor area by the land area, normalized between 0 and 1.” You could multiply the number of floors by the footprint area of the building to approximate the floor area, then divide that by the land area and normalize to get the building intensity.

I haven’t worked with OSM data before but it looks like they have two relevant attributes, height and building:levels (Map features - OpenStreetMap Wiki). These are probably attributes of building features where the information is available. You could use building:levels where it’s available, and approximate the number of floors from the height where you need to. I hope that helps!