Urban cooling Model: Albedo

Albedo values 0-1: Which reference to use to get the data for Buildings, land, trees, grass Land use types?

The user’s guide suggests this as a reference for albedo:

Phelan, P. E., Kaloush, K., Miner, M., Golden, J., Phelan, B., Iii, H. S., & Taylor, R. A. (2015). Urban Heat Island : Mechanisms , Implications , and Possible Remedies. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 285-309. https://doi.org/10.1146/annurev-environ-102014-021155

Dear all,
In order to associate albedo values to land use classes, I am trying to use satellite data provided by COPERNICUS (Surface Albedo | Copernicus Global Land Service).
Here are provided 3 different rasters with the albedo values detected respectively in:

  • Broadband directional albedo over visible spectrum [0.4, 0.7μm]
  • Broadband directional albedo over near-infrared spectrum [0.7-4μm].
  • Broadband directional albedo over full spectrum [0.3-4μm].

Could you tell me which one is best to use?


I have studied this a bit and it is my understanding that the most representative figure is over the full spectrum of light:

  • Broadband directional albedo over full spectrum [0.3-4μm].

This is because the entire band of the light spectrum potentially produces heat.

If I’m wrong, please point it out, thanks.