Urban flood mitigation model Not responding

hi sir/ Madam,

My urban flood mitigation model is not responding. Even when i tried at multiple time it is not responding in exactly at same point.
i have attached screenshots of two run and also log file of the latest one.
Three raster output was generated and shapefile is not created from the latest run.

Thanks and regards,

InVEST-UrbanFloodRiskMitigation-log-2021-08-15–08_45_30.txt (29.1 KB)

Hi @DGowtham ,

I have not used this particular InVEST model myself yet, but it appears from your log file and screenshots that the model did not finish running. When it completes properly, there should be a “Model Completed Successfully” message and the last lines of the log file will say, “Execution finished” and provide an “Elapsed time”.

Is it possible that the run was interrupted? How long did you wait before determining that the model was not responding? Depending on the resolution of the LULC data and the total size of your AOI, creating the new shapefile can be very computationally intensive and take quite a while, especially depending on the available space and the speed of the computer or server on which the model is running. I know that for other InVEST models, the raster outputs are often ready within minutes or less, but the vector result can take hours, or even days. You may want to attempt re-running with a version of the LULC input that has been resampled to a coarser resolution.