Urban flood risk mitigation model error

What is the issue or question you have? hello. i am seeking some help with the urban flood risk mitigation tool. i am getting this error " ValueError: The biophysical table is missing a row for lucode(s) [0]" i have attached my biophysical table to this message. i dont think there is anything wrong with my files. ive tried adding and removing the lucode for 0, remaking my land cover dataset, and have tried reclassifying the lc dataset. i tried reclassifying NODATA to 0… please let me know if you have any idea what’s going on.

NLCD_LULC_CONUS.csv (306 Bytes)

What do you expect to happen?

What have you tried so far?

Attach the logfile here:

InVEST-natcap.invest.urban_flood_risk_mitigation-log-2023-06-30–12_59_06.txt (3.6 KB)

Hi @remiwork , thanks for reporting this and sharing your data. I believe this is a bug in the model that we just fixed, but have yet to release.

The problem is the row for lucode 0 and the fact that all the values in that row are 0. If you want landuse code 0 to be excluded from analysis, the best thing to do is set the nodata value of the LULC raster to 0. And remove that row from the CSV. Also, it is important for the raster to have a defined nodata value, even if none of those values appear in the raster.

Alternatively, you could try this development release of InVEST and the model should be tolerant of the table as you have it now. https://github.com/natcap/invest/suites/13904863442/artifacts/773598255

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