Urban Flood Risk Mitigation Model: Interpreting Flood Volume Data

FloodRiskServiceSewersheds.csv (97.8 KB)
I’m looking over the results of the Urban Flood Risk Model run on sewersheds in my study area and I feel like the flood volume values become surprisingly large. Is this normal? How should I interpret these values, as well as the optional outputs that also seem extremely large?

Additional data, including the sewershed vector layer, damage table, biophysical table, etc. if needed:

Hi @paxton.lajoie ,

Could you provide more detail and description of the large values you’re seeing, what you would expect to see given your study area, and what output files those values are associated with? This context will help us more quickly determine if there’s a bug, if it might be a data issue, or if it’s just how the model operates.

What version of InVEST are you using?

As far as interpreting results in general, I think there are a few forum threads that cover that. You can try searching for “urban-flood” and “output”.