Urban nature access- radius value

Hello, sorry for the trouble, I have a doubt, regarding which beam to use for each type of nature class. In the literature for example for grassland is uesd 300 while in the example file for the same class is used 5000.Which values should I use? I have another doubt, how do I attribute the parameter of naturalness of nature? thank you very much and excuse me again

Hi @Ylenia_De_Pascale -

You should definitely do a literature search to look for values that are most appropriate for your study area. The sample data is only for an example, it is not intended to be used for other studies.

I’m not an expert on this model, but would say that “naturalness” is a bit subjective. When choosing the value, I would think about how much of an average pixel of that land use type is greenspace, and also perhaps what is the quality of that greenspace. So in general I would give a higher value to land use types that have a greater proportion of natural vegetation/water/etc. And would additionally give a higher naturalness value to land cover types where the greenspace is something like forest, and a lower value to land cover types that are mostly manicured lawns. Not sure how much that helps, but it’s something where you’ll need to know the area you’re studying to assign these values.

~ Stacie