Zero value for crop production percentile

Hello. I have run the crop production percentile to calculate future crop yields. one of the studied species is “banana”, and, despite having this species in my land use land cover raster, I got ZERO value for its future crop yield while running invest.
I am using Invest 3.9.0
and I double-checked the names with the crop tables.
Is it possible to have zero production although I am pretty sure that banana exist there!
Thank you!

Hi @youmna.hammoud , we will probably need to see all your input data in order to explain why this is happening. You may share a link (google drive, dropbox, etc) with all your data and I will take a look. You may send me a private message if you prefer not to share your data on this thread.

Thank you,

Hello Dave.
Here you go, thanks in advance

Hi @youmna.hammoud , sorry for the late response. These look like your model results. I’ll need to look at all your input data - especially the landcover raster and the landcover-to-crop table - in order to explain the missing banana. Thanks again,

(no need to include the “model data” directory with your inputs, I have a copy of that).

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Hi Dave, here you go,
you can find here the raster and crop table. Thank you!

Thanks, @youmna.hammoud , I’m not able to find the crop table. Could you link it to me directly? Thanks,

MLC_types.csv (128 Bytes)

I assume this? :slight_smile:

@youmna.hammoud Great, there’s your explanation. Banana is listed with code 0 in that table, but if MLK_Michele1.tif is your landcover raster, there are no 0s in the raster, only values 1 -12. It’s probably worth double-checking all the codes in that table to make sure they are correct for your landcover raster.

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