Crop production - percentile model - observed yield


I have been working with the crop production - percentile module. I don’t have any problems running the model and I am getting results for almost all my crops. However, I am trying to understand why two of my crops “oats” and “triticale” keep returning 0 in observed production. I am sure these crops can be grown in the area. I also checked the “climate bin” rasters and “observed yield” rasters provided by the software (model_data folder), and the pixels overlap with my land use raster. Can you please help me understand why I get a zero “production observed”? Could it be that the production is so small that the software rounds it to zero?

Thank you very much,


I solved my issue, thank you. I realized that I am getting zero observed production in the csv table and rasters for those crops because there is no data in the “observed yield” rasters provided by the model for that area. However, I know for a fact they grow oats and triticale in that area, so maybe I can use the percentile results in this case.


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