About the NDR output verification

Excuse me, I have some questions about the later verification of my ndr model. which measured dates shoud i compere for when i finsh my model? This also involves another matter. The data obtained from the ndr calculation is probably which part actual nitrogen and phosphorus output?Dose it above the Animal Husbandry? Look forward to your reply, thank you.And hope you forgive my poor english.

Hi @lif -

Have you seen the User Guide section about comparing with observations in the NDR model? It says “Time series of nutrient concentration used for model validation should span over a reasonably long period (preferably at least 10 years) to attenuate the effect of inter-annual variability.” I would add that the dates should overlap the date of your land use/land cover map.

I’m not sure I understand your second question. The model produces separate outputs for nitrogen and phosphorus export. So you would compare the nitrogen export result with observed data related to total nitrogen, and similarly for phosphorus.

The model itself does not include anything about Animal Husbandry. If you have a land use/land cover class that defines Animal Husbandry, then you will include parameters in the Biophysical Table related to that land use.

~ Stacie

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Thank you so much for your reply. I have seen the user guide,and i have known i should use the long period to verification it .But i still have some questions:
1.what i want look is the year-to-year changes,so can i use the one year date to check it?
2.when i run the model in diffrent date with diffrent year,the result is so cross between year to year.Is this normal.
3.because the question 2,when one year result is checked accurately ,other year is so far from the real result . I was so confused about that.

THANK YOU AGAIN!!! hope you have a nice day.