Validation of water quality purification (NDR) assessment results

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Is the validation of water quality purification (NDR) assessment results a mandatory step? If so, where is the source of data for validation typically obtained?
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Hi @littlepencil -

Model validation is not mandatory, but it is recommended if you do have observed data, and is really important if you want to use absolute value results, and/or do monetary valuation. If a model is not validated, then we can be more confident of the relative values and patterns of the results, and not so confident of the absolute values. And it’s just good to know how well the model represents your area of interest.

Observed nutrient data usually comes from water quality gauging stations within your area of interest, which are managed by government agencies, or perhaps a drinking water facility, or reservoir operator. Optimally, the station will have continuous data (with no large time periods of missing values), over at least 10 years. You’ll have to process those data to get annual average values, and they might need a unit conversion to have the same kg/year units as the model results.

~ Stacie