About the results of InVEST SDR model

I had run the SDR model and got the results with “sed export, USLE, avoid export etc”. but they are all in .tif format with no attribute tables. I want to further process the results for multiple scenarios and for that I need value data for each pixel in the watershed. I was processing the results using the “ArcMap software” and was trying to convert the .tif files to polygon files which I was unable to process due to error code “000864”. Please someone can explain how to process the results.

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Yes, the SDR model produces raster data in TIFF format. The values in the raster are floating point, and floating point rasters don’t have attribute tables (I’m not exactly sure why integer does and floating point doesn’t, that just seems to be standard). Trying to turn these rasters into polygons probably creates too many shapes for ArcMap to handle (or too many to fit in a shapefile).

What kind of results do you want to produce with these outputs? Usually we symbolize the rasters to show places with low and high values of export, USLE etc. If there are scenarios, we often take the difference in export/USLE/etc rasters between one scenario and another to see where the results are changing. You can also sum the results within a watershed that drains to some point of interest (like a reservoir or community water supply). It all depends on the purpose of your analysis, and what kind of information you need to provide to inform your audience.

~ Stacie

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