Calibrate SDR model

Hello!, I have a question, how I could enter field sediment data to calibrate in the sdr model?

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Hi @Fermin -

The models do not provide a way to enter field data, calibration is done manually outside of the model. What kind of field data do you have? Usually, we have stream gauge data over a long period of time (preferably 10+ years, since SDR is an annual average model.) So we compare the annual average gauge data for sediment load with the sediment export results of SDR. To do this, we generate the watershed that drains to the stream gauge location, and sum the sed_export.tif to that point. If you are already using this watershed as an SDR input, then the model will sum sed_export for you.

Here’s a paper where one of our hydrologists discusses calibration with the SDR model in a case study, which might be helpful:

Hamel, P., Chaplin-Kramer, R., Sim, S., Mueller, C. 2015. A new approach to modeling the sediment retention service (InVEST 3.0): Case study of the Cape Fear catchment, North Carolina, USA. Science of the Total Environment 524–525 (2015) 166–177.

~ Stacie