Using SDR model to calculate sediment volume in daily time unit

Hello, I want to use the SDR model to calculate the sediment volume in daily time unit. I don’t know if it’s ok as long as the input rainfall data is on a daily scale. Thank you

Hi @hufflepuff, and welcome to the forum!

Short answer: No. The equations used in the SDR model (such as USLE) are specifically for long-term averages. They are not intended for a daily time unit, and do not capture the details that one might want from considering erosion on a daily scale.

Even though we provide the SDR model, when we work on projects that require daily sediment loading information, we use other models (like SWAT, and there are others) that are created to capture erosion at a daily time step.

~ Stacie


thank you! I want to know, how to use the site monitoring value to correct the model? Which parameters should be modified? I obtained daily hydrological station data, including sediment discharge, flow and precipitation.

Hi @hufflepuff -

The User Guide Appendix 2 talks generally about calibration/validation, and points to two articles that describe the process in more detail. You can also search this forum and find other threads that discuss the process. Check them out and let us know if you have further questions that they don’t address.

~ Stacie