Can i use Offshore Wind energy project to develop a onshore energy map?

The thing is the rugosity factor. I can use the “Global_EEZ_WEBPAR_90pct_100ms” but if i understand well the rugosity factor is of 0.11 for this sample data excel … and in the land its more variable. How can i change this? Also, It is the only factor that i must change for making it on land?
I would be very thankfull if someone can respond these questions.
Best regards from Argentina!!


Thanks for your interest in InVEST!

As the science developer of this model, I would not recommend it. If you were comfortable modifying the source code in Python, you may be able to vary the alpha factor by adjacent land cover, but it is treated as constant in the model implementation currently. Moreover, the valuation approach is customized for marine applications that require different transmission systems, so the LCOE or NPV outputs would not be consistent without modifying them as well, using data on overland transmission systems and potentially a different routing algorithm.

While this is an obvious extension for the model and something that could make use of the existing code, we have yet to encounter much demand for such a feature. Thanks for noting that this may potentially be useful. If you intend to pursue this and end up attempting to use either the modeling or code as part of your work, I’d be keen to hear more about it as you progress. You can either post here or email me at