Carbon KeyError: 'c_above'

Dear sir or madam,
I’m now calculating carbon stock with InVest 3.7.0, but I am confronted with KeyError: ‘c_above’. I’ve checked my carbon pool data, but nothing seemed wrong.
Here is my carbon pool data. All the lulc types correspond to those in the raster.

And I upload my log file here.InVEST-InVEST-Carbon-Model-log-2020-01-13–16_19_16.txt (1.3 KB)
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks a lot.

Hi @hydoll666 -

Please check that the carbon pool CSV has values that are separated by commas, not semicolons, spaces or anything else. You can’t see this in Excel, but can if you open the table in a text editor. If values are separated by semicolons (or any character other than a comma), re-save it as “CSV comma delimited” and see if that helps.

The other thing that may still cause it is if the CSV has blank lines at the bottom. Again, you can see this in a text editor, not Excel. If there are blank lines at the bottom of the CSV, delete them in the text editor and try again.

Let us know if either of these help.

~ Stacie

Thanks for your reply!
My problem is solved after I use the format of the sample data.
Good luck!