Carbon model results interpretation

I am running Invest carbon model. I understand the units of the carbon pools provided in the intermediate .tiff files are Mg C /pixel (which might explain the mismatch with the input carbon data which is given in MgC/ha). Is it possible to get the carbon stored in the catchment MgC/ha not per pixel

thank you

Hello @ness, and welcome to the forum!

One way to get the total carbon within the area that you provided as input is to look at the report.html output that the model produces. It includes “aggregate results” that summarize C for the scenarios you provide.

You can also manually post-process the model results in GIS to aggregate them however you like. Use Zonal Statistics to summarize within particular watershed or administrative units. Or use something like Raster Calculator to convert from MgC/pixel to MgC/ha, based on the size of your raster pixels.

~ Stacie