Reporting Carbon results disaggregated by pool

Dear colleagues and friends,

I have applied the InVEST Carbon Storage and Sequestration model in my study site in Brazil.

I have worked with the aboveground biomass and soil carbon pools only, I have generated maps and quantified the total carbon storage for each one of my scenarios.

However, I was wondering if it is possible to disaggregate the results of Total carbon stocks per pool, for example:

Total carbon storage: 100 Mg C


C in above ground biomass 60 Mg C
C in soil 40 Mg C

Is it possible to disaggregate the results per pool somehow?

Any information you could provide would be very useful and time saving.

Many thanks for your attention.

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Hi Daniel -

The model provides disaggregated results in the intermediate_outputs folder, as is noted in the Interpreting Results section of the User Guide. Is this what you’re looking for?

~ Stacie

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Dear Stacie,

Many thanks for your response.

Indeed in this intermediate results I have all the rasters for each pool with an scale of Mg C/pixel (High to Low) , however it is not very clear to me how could I estimate total Mg C per pool. In theory, I can multiply the number of pixels times Mg C/pixel , but then how can I know exactly how many pixels are scoring the highest amount, the lesser amount and so on to have the right numbers to perform this calculation?

Is my interpretation correct ? or am I missing something?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi @DanielPI,

You can use GIS software to calculate the sum of all pixels in a raster. For instance in QGIS, go to Processing > Toolbox > Raster analysis > Raster layer statistics. You can run this on an intermediate raster and it will display the sum along with other statistics.


Many thanks for the tip !! I will do it as suggested!



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